Friday, October 22, 2010

All 3 Girls Are Finally Home!!!

I guess it has been a few weeks since I posted last and I'm sure you all are wondering... how are those baby girls doing?!?  Well, I am happy to say that Eve, May, and Lily are all home together and loving life!!

I have been visiting the girls weekly, but had my last NICU visit on October 11th.  Funny thing was, when I was there, the NICU doctor stopped in to give his report on the 2 girls.  He estimated the time he thought the girls would have left there, and he told us at least 4 weeks!!!  Well, he was wrong...

Just 2 weeks after Lily went home, and 4 days after my NICU visit, Eve made her exit!  Then, one week after Eve went home, May followed right behind her.  The total time my IP's spent in the NICU was 7 weeks... not bad for 32 weekers.  I could tell they were absolutely exhausted; they spent every single day at the hospital, missing maybe one day.  After Lily came home, they found it to be extremely difficult splitting their time between home and hospital, especially that they live at least 40 minutes away.  Every time I saw them, I gradually saw the exhaustion on their faces.  Some times they had their days mixed up and had no idea what day of the week it was.  But, now they have the joy of staying home with all 3 girls!!

Eve (left) and May's last days in the NICU
Just like in the womb!!

Lily, waiting for her sisters to come home, but getting spoiled in the meantime!

Eve's first car seat ride... had to say goodbye to May and hello to Lily!

Eve (left) and Lily reunited (totally not the identicals!)... waiting for baby May.
And finally... all 3 are together again!!!
Eve (on chest), May (top), and Lily (to May's left)
Lily (right) explaining to May how great it is to be home!

Eve and May (the identicals) together again!!

Lily pondering why her cheeks are so chunky!!

I can't tell you enough how lucky I am for the most amazing IP's.  Before having the girls, I really had no idea how our relationship was going to work out.  I didn't want to be the surrogate that stuck around when not wanted and continue nagging, asking how the babies were.  I wanted to respect their space and give them the time they deserved with their little ones without having to worry about answering to me.  But, everything has been working itself out beautifully.  Just about every night I get an email from them, updating me on the health of the girls along with the most precious photos.  I always look forward to waking up and seeing their cute little faces =)  It still amazes me to this day that all 3 of them were inside of me and I grew them from little, tiny peanuts to big, beautiful babies.  I am so thankful I get to see these girls grow.  And so far, they are doing just that.  They have been growing so much since they were born, and their pediatrician expects them to look like full term babies in the next few months.  Must be all that delicious breast milk!!  Yes, I am still pumping.  It has been 7 weeks and I hope to keep it up until the girls are about 6 months old.  It isn't the easiest thing to do at times, but I am trying my best.  The girls haven't caught up to my supply just yet, but that time is so near.  It's inevitable that I won't be able to supply enough for all their feedings very soon, but whatever they can get in the next few months will be so beneficial for them.  And besides, I'm burning tons of calories here... it beats dieting and exercising!!

Well, now that they all are home safe and sound I feel like the journey is now complete.  I hated thinking about them in the NICU and wished I could have done something differently so that they didn't end up there, but I guess I did all that I could.  It makes me completely satisfied and overjoyed knowing that they can now start their lives as a family at home.  They are such healthy girls and should have a wonderful future.  I am soooo proud to have been their surrogate mommy!


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  1. I am so excited for you all! How wonderful! Thanks for keeping us posted and sharing pictures! I LOVE IT!!!!