Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Growing Your Family After Surrogacy...

Okay, so this topic has really caught my attention lately and I have gotten so many different opinions and facts about the whole thing...

How does being a surrogate effect your chances of having more children of your own after your surrogacy journey?

Now that I have had over a year of recovering and I am FINALLY "normal", I am excited to say that we are ready to work on our 3rd and, most likely, last baby!!!  However, things aren't going as smoothly as I assumed they would go.  Without going into detail, I am not crazy Ms Fertile Myrtle anymore =(.  I am not yet in panic mode because I know I need to give it some more time even though I have NEVER had to give it time in the past.  Shoot, I got pregnant with my first while taking the pill religiously, my second happened on our first time trying for him, AND I got preggo as a surrogate with 3 babies!!  Hmmmm, maybe I do have a problem, maybe not? 

I have posted this issue on support sites and have also read up on other people's past problems with this and I have gotten so many different answers.  Some women say that their agency HIGHLY recommends a surrogate be 100% finished having their own kids before becoming a surrogate because of the risks.  My agency never warned me about anything like this possibly happening! Some women say that the fertility drugs you take to get pregnant can effect your own fertility later on. Some women have met past surrogates who ended up needing their own surrogate after their journey because they then experienced their own infertility.  Then there are women who claim that the chances of something going wrong and effecting your chances of having another baby after a surrogacy journey is so small and should not be stressed about.  This has all got me so confused!!

I am not jumping to any conclusion and claiming that I have a fertility issue as of now.  But, I can honestly say that something has changed.  My body hasn't felt the same since being a surrogate.  But I believe that this has more to do with the fact that I had triplets more then because I was a surrogate.  But after reading so many different comments and concerns, I just can't help but worry just a bit.  I couldn't imagine if there was a problem; that would just break my husband's heart and he did nothing to deserve this.  I am going to think VERY positive in the next few months and just have fun trying!!  I will be sooooo blessed when/if the time comes where I can announce that there is MY bun in MY oven!!  I really believe that I deserve this.  Wish me luck!!