Tuesday, December 18, 2012

17 Week Update

Wow!!! Can you believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy?? I sure can't! The weeks seem to be flying by. I am trying to thoroughly enjoy every detail of it, seeing as it is my last, but the baby will already be here in about 5 months!

Well, now that I am well into my 2nd trimester, I can report that my 1st trimester couldn't have been better. I rarely had any morning sickness and I just felt great. Some days I wished I would have just thrown up so that I would feel more pregnant and not think something was wrong inside, but everything is perfect.

Last week at my 16 week check-up, I was very nervous before seeing the doctor.  I know things were good at my 12 week appointment, but I just was still very paranoid, day after day.  I knew once getting to 16 weeks with a healthy report is when I could finally stop worrying and start enjoying it.  Well, we finally were able to hear that beautiful heartbeat.  In the past, the doppler couldn't pick it up, so we had to view it on ultrasound, but last week the doctor found it right away.... 150bpm!!!

The most exciting thing that day.... only 1 pound weight gain since last appointment!!! Yay!!!!! A dancing party of 1 was definitely going down in the office hallway. The nurse thought I was insane =). Hello!!! She doesn't know what that means in my mind... PIG OUT for the holidays!!!!

No ultrasound was done and I'll take that as a relief.  Since we STILL aren't finding out the sex, I know I would have been way too tempted to peak.  But, our big 20 week anatomy scan is coming up in a few weeks and I just have to get through that one.  It will be hard, but hubby and I are still holding strong.

Also, the doctor said that at next visit we may be able to schedule our c-section already!! Wow, that's exciting!! I am due on May 28th and will be allowed to deliver a week before, so we kind of get to choose our day.  May 23rd is the day we experienced our first, and most heart wrenching, miscarriage.  I would love nothing more than to deliver our little miracle on this day ♥

Here is another belly shot.  Yes, we are cheesy =)