Monday, March 7, 2011

Visit with the Triplets! Warning... lots of pics!!!

Yay!!  I went to visit my surro triplets yesterday and I had sooo much fun!!!  I cannot believe how big they are.  Yes, I know, babies do grow and I always make mention at how much they are growing, but these babies are HUGE!!!!  Looking at them, you would never guess they were born at 32 weeks just 6 months ago.  These girls are chunkier than your average sized full term baby.  I LOVE me some chunky babies and it makes me happy to think that I had a lot to do with that =)  Geez, there is some potent stuff in this breast milk of mine!!  I really honestly think I carry around a gold mine with me.  Not only did I have the world's heaviest and healthy boys, but I plumped up 3 preemies all at once.  Go me!!!

My mom and my sister got to share this special moment with me and they fall in love with the girls more and more every visit.  Who wouldn't?!?  Not only do they bond so well with the girls, but they LOVE my IP's.  I am so grateful for how everything played out after the birth of the girls; I have gained a special family which I can share with my own family.  It really is just a crazy, fun time when we all get together.  LOVE it!!!

The girls were quite overwhelmed when we first got there.  Since it is still RSV season, they don't get out much nor have many visitors at home.  I think we are the most entertainment they have so far =)  If you know my family, we aren't the quietest people, so I think we gave the girls a little shock when we came in the house.  It did take them a minute to get comfortable with the extra chaos, but soon enough we all got our hands on them for baby time.

Miss May
My mommy with May

Lily Pies
My sister, Cassie, with Lily


Me and Eve

May (I think =)

Lily, in a cranky mood from teething =(
Hey chunks!!

Identicals- Eve (top) and May

Lily giving me kisses =)
Making Lily smile

Mom with May

Mom with May, Cassie with Eve, and me with Lily

Saying our good-byes

Good-night, Girls!!

Don't you just love them?!?  Well, we had an awesome visit.  While we were there, my IP's told me that they are going to stay down here in Southern California until at least July!!!  That means this didn't have to be my last visit.  As you can tell, they all are doing great and only growing more and more.  I can't wait to see them again.


  1. Chunky bebe's, i love it!!! So happy to hear that they are stickin' around for a bit longer. =) I bet you are thrilled!!!!

  2. OMG - those are some cute babies!!!! I want to squeeze those thighs!! LOL Way to go - I know it makes you proud as it should and BTW - you look amazing!

  3. SO CUTE!!! And you are gorgeous too!

  4. Aaawww...chunky little monkeys are the best!

  5. I have been following your blog since you were about 9 weeks pregnant and I still can't believe how healthy the girls came out! I am a 27 year old woman going back to school and I have a Speech assignment that I think you would be PERFECT for! I have to do an informational speech and I chose the topic of gestational surrogacy. I did so because this is an option my husband and I are considering. I would be so honored if I could e-mail you a list of questions and have you answer them. I will leave my secondary e-mail address here and I really hope you will shoot me an e-mail so I can interview you! I would be so happy! My e-mail is You did such a wonderful thing for this family and I would love to do my speech about you and the process!

  6. Brandy, what an honor!!! I would love to. I just emailed you, but let me know if you do not receive it.

    And, thank you ladies for the compliments =) It means more than you know.

  7. Holy moley! Those girls have grown! Those cheeks and thighs are so squashy.

    We've missed you in our surrogate group on FB! I delivered an adorable baby girl on 3/12 at 40 wks 5 days with her two adoring dads by my side. I'm still on a high from the experience, although I miss the guys since they've gone home.

  8. Stacie, aren't the girls sooo cute?!?

    Geez, that baby just didn't want to come out... almost 41 weeks?!? Wow!!! Well, congrats to you!

    I really miss all of my surro girls on FB... it really was a great support system =(