Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Time, But Sadly Distracted =(

So, the time I have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime is here... It's baby making week and I have been charting for months leading up to this point.  I have never been so in tune with my body; I can time that big ovulation moment down to the hour it takes place. No joke!!  However, these past couple days have been the worst days of my life...

My little baby, Max, has hit a difficult time in his life and to make a long story short, something is wrong.  He began experiencing seizure like behavior over the past several days (nothing intense, just uncontrollable eye movements along with zoning out) but they seem to be getting more frequent.  He spent all day and night in the emergency room doing blood work, x-rays, and ct scans.  The poor guy is only 3 years old and has to go through even more in the next few days.  At first, the doctor expected a brain bleed from a huge head injury from 2 months ago, but the ct scan came back normal.  We went to his pediatrician today and we are now taking so many precautions to solve this problem.  We go in to the pediatric neurologist tomorrow for more evaluations and testing, including an EEG which scares me to death =(. This is just so hard thinking your child is completely healthy one day, and then the next day you just have no clue what's wrong.  I know I may not get answers any time soon, but until then please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Mommy loves you, Monkey!!!


  1. OMG Ashley!!! I am saying a prayer for your little boy right now!!! HUGS!

  2. I will definitely pray for him.. And for you and your husband. It must be difficult for you both especially.


  3. What a scary thing to go through! I will definitely be praying for your little man and for answers!!