Tuesday, February 12, 2013

25 Weeks!!!

Wow, I guess it HAS been 5 weeks since I last blogged, but at least I do come back eventually!! Things have been going well with me, just staying busy with day to day life.

Today, I am 25 weeks!!! We only have 14 more weeks to go.  I can't believe that!! Getting somewhat anxious, but I'm really hoping this baby stays on schedule and doesn't make an early arrival.  I had an appointment last week and everything is just perfect.  We definitely have an active one because every time the doctor tries to get a heart rate, he/she loves to put on a show and not hold still!! But, that heart rate is holding strong at 158bpm.

I am really starting to feel pregnant and uncomfortable.  My energy levels are down and some days it's hard to just get going.  I can definitely feel that 3rd trimester creep up on me.

The boys are being such great helpers and make sure mommy drinks tons of water and eat lots for their baby.  They both are still convinced this is a girl, so we are trying to prepare them for the possibility of another boy.  They think it's as easy as ordering from the drive-thru and don't quite understand why we would have another boy when I already have had 2!!

The nursery is coming along and just about finished.  I'll have to post pics when all is complete.  We aren't having a shower this time around, so we have gradually been buying lots of baby things. We haven't had a baby for 4 years, so we needed a lot!!! I think by next month, we will be complete and ready.

Anyway, I don't have much else for you.  We don't have another appointment for a few more weeks and then after that I will be going more frequently.

Here is my 24 week belly picture...


  1. You look beautiful!!! Your boys are so adorable too! Wow time has really flown by, before you know it your new addition will be here, EEK! :)

  2. It's doesn't get any cuter than that!!! xo

  3. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading your journey! Wow, carrying triplets...what an amazing gift you gave! Your boys are adorable and I had to laugh reading this. I have 3 boys (my baby's 19 now!) but when I was pregnant with my 3rd, my oldest son, who was just under 4 at the time, insisted it was a girl and he named her Christina. I had to call it "she" even though I felt it was another boy. Toward the end I had to have an ultrasound, they asked if I wanted to know the sex so I said what the heck, go ahead and tell me. They confirmed it was another boy so I told my oldest son, he still insisted it was a girl so I very gently explained to him that they'd looked inside my tummy with a special camera and it was most definitely a boy. So Christina became Christian and I absolutely loved raising 3 boys!!! I do admit, I hope there's a grand daughter in my future somewhere though:)