Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Journey Begins...

As many of you know, or have found out by the title of my blog, I am a new surrogate for a wonderful couple.  It feels like this process has been extremely long and intensive, but the journey has just begun.  I have so much that is going to be life changing, not only in the next nine months, but for the rest of my life.  I have been given an amazing gift of wonderful pregnancies and I am so proud to be able to share this with a couple in need.

I have been encouraged to write this blog and share my experience with the world.  Surrogacy is a very unspoken process, but most of us don't know how many people struggle with infertility.  I want to give everyone a close look at what it really takes for a successful miracle.  It is not an easy process for either the surrogate or the intended parents.  It takes a lot of time and dedication, and only the strongest people can continue their journey no matter how many things have gone wrong.

Since sharing my decision with some family and friends, I have been asked a billion questions about the process, the couple, the experience so far, and the reasons to why I chose to do this.  I hope this blog will answer most of those questions and encourage people to become more supportive in surrogacy (trust me, there are quite a few individuals who disagree with what I am doing).  I want to share my journey that is ahead of me, as well as reflect on how I got here.  


  1. I am glad to be a part of this family as I am the bubbie to the two beautiful grandson's..I am so proud of my daughter-in-law for doing this. Love to her and the future parents of these babies.

  2. Ashley, I think you're an amazing woman for doing this and I'm excited to learn more about your experience through your blog!

  3. Wow, you are truly amazing and you know I am with you all the way as is the rest of our family....We love you doll.

  4. Kelly on told me about your blog. I am also a surrogate who just found out is carrying triplets! I am very nervous, and really look forward to reading along about your journey!