Monday, March 8, 2010

Three Buns in My Oven!!!

Well, it was the moment we all had been waiting for.  How many babies did we have?  Four weeks ago, we had 2 perfect embryos transferred.  Rarely does a fertility doctor transfer just one, since the odds of a pregnancy would make it more unlikely.  With 2 excellent embryos, we have a good chance that one would take.

Waiting for this day, I definitely felt the pregnancy.  I couldn't believe how bad the nausea had gotten and how the exhaustion never stopped.  Something was different than my other pregnancies.

This past Friday was another big day for us.  My husband was there for support, who has been so wonderful, to say the least, throughout this whole process.  The intended parents were out of the country on business, so we had arranged a conference call with them so they could hear everything that was happening.  The doctor began the ultrasound, screen out of my view.  As soon as he placed the tranducer inside, my agency rep gasped and yelled "twins!!"  There were 2 sacs, with 2 heartbeats.   Everyone was so happy and congratulated the couple over and over again.  My husband looked at me in shock, but I knew that was going to be the result.  Both looked perfect and we even got to hear their heartbeats.  The doctor continued with the ultrasound, measuring and checking appearance.  He was in there a good few minutes, and just as he was about to finish, the look on his face changed and everyone looked a bit closer.  "Wait, I think we have identicals," he said so calmly.  "Wait. That means there are three!?!" I asked.  No one knew what to say; we let him do his job.  He finally confirmed what he found, and I finally got to see the screen with 3 beating hearts (one had been hiding in one of the two sacs).

Now that it is a few days later, I am still in shock.  The intended parents couldn't be happier, but they too are still in amazement.  No one expected this to happen; splitting of an embryo is very rare (<1%).  Having three babies inside of me now changes everything, especially because we have a set of identical twins.  There are so many health concerns for both the babies and myself.  This pregnancy is not going to be easy for anyone.  We all have to be very cautious of what might be ahead of us; twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, brain defects, pre-term labor, low birth weight, etc. 

Everything happens for a reason.  I guess God had a plan for the intended parents, and 2 just wasn't enough!!  Splitting of the embryo was beyond any of our control.  Since we are so early in this pregnancy, 6 1/2 weeks, anything can happen.  I just ask everyone to pray for the best health for all of us.  I know it has and will continue to be a constant struggle, but I have to continue to remind myself that I am strong and can get through this.    


  1. Never in a million years would we have imagined this either! We are still in a state of shock but feel so blessed and fortunate to have you as our surrogate. We are praying for everyone's health and you are always in our thoughts...
    -Your IP's

  2. all everyone can do is pray..maybe god intended for the Ips to have there family completed this three babies eh..a friend of mine use IuI and ended up with triplets..her triplets are teens now but she said that she woudlnt trade them for the world just take it easy hun its gonna be along haul lots of t.v and bedrest and knittng booties lolo..huggs nicole

  3. My last surro-journey ended in identical twins . . . and this time when they transfered 2 I kept having these dreams that I'd end up with 3! Had the ultrasound this week and it's only two . . . perhaps I was dreaming of your journey? LOL Good luck!

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