Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 Weeks, So Much Has Changed...

Well, tomorrow the girls are 2 weeks old!!  Now that I am not pregnant anymore and actually able to get things done, time is going by super fast.  It seems like I was just in the hospital having them. 

These past 2 weeks have been the greatest... I got to send Jackson off on his first day of preschool, I cleaned my entire house myself for the first time in months (no, I do not miss my maid just yet), I got to go grocery shopping just me and Max, I was able to drive anywhere I wanted to go, my husband got to hug me with both arms wrapped around my entire body, I got to attend Mommy and Me preschool with Max, I have cooked so many homemade fresh meals for the family, and I was able to pick up my boys and comfort them when they needed mommy =)

I had a check-up with the greatest peri doctor ever on Monday.  Guess what... I have lost a total of 33 pounds so far; only 5 more to go to get to my pre pregnancy weight!!  I was so afraid to step on that scale when the nurse asked me to.  I didn't expect too much from myself... I did just have triplets.  So, I closed my eyes, stepped on the scale, and heard the nurse say "Wow!!"  As soon as I opened my eyes, I let out a squeal and did a victory dance in the halls! I was very satisfied.  The nurses and doctor could not believe how well I am recovering.  The doctor just kept laughing at my urge to start exercising (only brisk walks for now) and he could not stop smiling; he said he has never seen me so happy and energized before.  He could not believe how fast my spirits had changed.  Hopefully at my 6 week check-up I will be in even better shape, but again, I will not expect it.

12 days post delivery day.  Just a little baby bump left, but fit into my pre preggo jeans! Oh, and no stretch marks!!!

Besides me, the girls are doing absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  I went to visit them on Monday and could not believe how much of a difference a week made for them.  I am also getting daily updates on their progress with the most beautiful photos... thank you, IP's!!  They are so lucky to have the parents that they have; they visit them every single day, all day long.  Although it is at times emotionally and physically draining, the parents would never miss seeing their girls any chance they get.  I see a complete change in them as parents and witnessing their admiration for their babies is just overwhelmingly beautiful!!  I am so proud of my choice to help this couple.  Seeing how much they appreciate these 3 little gifts, makes my journey as a surrogate one I will NEVER regret.  Kind of makes me want to do it again... okay, I said kind of!!

Eve, who was baby A, is growing so much and is the biggest of the 3, reaching 5 pounds first!  She is in an open crib, controlling her own body temperature.  She had some ups and downs with her breathing.  When I went to visit her on Monday, she was intubated.  But, the following day, they took out the tube and now her oxygen level is perfect.  
Wow... if you go back to the post before this and compare her photos, it's amazing how much progress has been made!!

May, Baby B/identical twin with Eve, is struggling a little bit than the other two, but has made so much progress over the past 2 weeks.  She isn't in an open crib yet and isn't tolerating food as much as her sisters.  But, her breathing is improving every day and will be out in open air soon enough.
She didn't like the flash too much!

Lily, who was Baby C/fraternal, is exceeding every one's expectations every single day!!  She is doing amazingly well; the day after I visited her on Monday, they removed her oxygen help (completely breathing on her own now) and removed her IV.  She now is in a real crib, with no tubes or wires except for the feeding tube.  She is now starting to drink from a bottle.  If she can conquer that task, then she is ready to go home!!!  I'm sure that will be very soon.

Does she even look like a triplet preemie?!?

I have been doing my best in pumping breast milk so that the girls can strive even more.  The nurses and doctors say that it makes a world of difference to get these nutrients, so I have been pumping away!!  You would not believe the supply we have for these little girls.  Since they aren't consuming too much right now, I have been stocking up because I know they will soon catch up with me!!

This is what I get in only 4 days!!  Thank goodness the parents have a deep freezer.  Milk, anyone??

Well, I am hoping the next couple weeks are nothing but great for the girls and hopefully one or more will be home or well on their way.  I plan to visit again next week and possibly not be too nervous to hold them!!  I know I did carry them all at once for months, but I just get so nervous because they are so small and fragile (my first baby was 10.5 pounds!).  Oh, and I will definitely post more pics!!


  1. Can I just start by saying that I HATE you for giving birth to triplets and you have *NO* stretch marks?!?! Wow - you are a rock star!!

    Seriously though, you look fabulous. I am so glad that you got your sparkle back and you are feeling good. Getting to do those 'normal' tasks like cooking, cleaning and picking up your kids takes on a whole new meaning when you are told you *can't*.

    Great job on the milk supply!! My IF's actually ended up renting a freezer for milk - looks like yours might need to soon too. ;-)

  2. All I have to say is WOW!!! You look great and i'm so happy to hear that everything is going so well for you, the girls and your IP's. What an accomplishment. Oh, and I can't resist...Got milk? ;)

  3. Awww, love the update! You look fab and the babies are presh!! :) Great job pumping too!!!!

    (And yes, I loathe you and your no stretch mark belly!!! HAHA)

  4. Awesome! No stretch marks? Did you use any type of creams/ointments to keep them away or was it just genetics?
    And the milk supply is breathtaking. I wish I could have got that much, it was always a struggle for me :(
    I'm so glad the girls are making so much progress. They will be home before you know it.

  5. Girl, you look amazing for having triplets!! And no stretch marks....lucky girl you!! I wish I was able to follow you from the beginning. I'm in the process of being matched right now--wish me luck!