Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Visit!!

This past Sunday, my hubby and I made a day out of visiting the girls and their parents.  We had the greatest time and my surro triplets are just the cutest things!!!

We got there just in time to get them up from their first nap.  As soon as we walked into the nursery... big smiles!!!  I didn't want to overwhelm them with 2 strange faces, but they warmed up very fast.  I held Eve immediately and all she wanted to do was give me hugs!!  She had a very tight grip onto me =)  After May was all changed, I got to hold her.  Every time I spoke, she would back away from me and give me this very confused look.  Believe it or not, it was like she was familiar with my voice.  Both Eve and May had no problem with me and they loved my company.  Lily was great with me too, but for some reason, she LOVED Cameron (my hubby).  Throughout the entire day, Lily would make her way to him and always made sure he was looking her way.  Too cute (he needs a girl =)

We then went to feed the chunks... they eat soooo much!!!  It is so cute how feeding becomes an assembly line.  They eat all kinds of fruits and veggies and are only down to 3 bottles a day.  Those chunky girls are getting so big that the doctor requested that they get rid of the 4th bottle they were getting.  Go girls!!

Next, it was time to play.  Now that the girls are older (9 months old), they can stay up for longer periods of time.  We got to play for 3 hours!!!  We even took them outside and had a great time watching them roll, chew, laugh, and play. 

After we all put them down for their nap, I couldn't believe how well their parents are at this now.  They make having triplets so easy!! So very happy and proud of this family I helped create. 

I know you want to see some pics, so here are a few... enjoy!!

I bought them each a Juicy summer dress

Me with Eve and May (the identicals)

Little May (I think)

Eve, May, and Lily

Lily is so close to crawling

Possibly May

Lily would roll all the way to Cameron

Impossible to get a pic with them all looking and smiling

Baby Eve (pretty sure!)

Lily, posing for Cameron

Cameron and Lily

Eve, modeling the dress... and then they all started to fight over the 
gift bag!!!


  1. You absolutely should be proud of this little family! You did a great thing Ashley. The girls are getting so big and 9 months is such a fun age too! So nice that they are close enough for visiting too!

  2. Awww, what a fun day!! The girls are gorgeous!!!

  3. Those girls are absolutely adorable! I know you must be so proud. I love seeing all the pictures and watching them grow up :)

  4. They are so dang cute! What a fun day!

  5. Love the photos! They are sooo adorable! How amazing for you to be able to visit them, looks like you had a perfect day:)

  6. They are so BIG now!! How fun to get to visit with them. I'm looking forward to seeing my first surrobaby in NY in July and my second in GA in August! Can't wait! We sure miss you on Facebook. :)