Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Injections, Pills, Meds, UGH!!!

So, 10 weeks finally came!!  Now that I am 12 weeks pregnant with 3 little miracles, I can now dispose of my mini pharmacy.

I don't think anyone, other than those going through fertility treatments, really understands what it takes to get pregnant the "unnatural" way.  When I began this entire process, back in October 2009, I was so thrilled to be able to actually start the medications and follow the never ending calendar of the day-to-day injection schedule.  I was excited to take the 2-3 injections, 6 vitamins, folic acid, steroid pills, and 2 vaginal suppositories each and every day.  My road to surrogacy was actually beginning!

After I had found out that my first attempt at a surrogate pregnancy failed, my whole outlook on taking all these medications changed immediately.  I felt like I had put my body through hell for nothing!!  Not to mention the massive amount of bruising on my back side, but between the hormones and steroids, I had gained over 10 pounds!!!  Clearly, I would have welcomed all of these side effects with open arms if I had something to show for it, but I was left with failure.

Like I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I was tremendously heartbroken that my first IP's decided to quit, but was that much more determined to help another family as soon as possible.

So, the meds continued...

Right from the start, I was so frustrated with the entire process before our transfer day.  The daily med schedule became such a hassle, but I knew I couldn't give up.  It wasn't that I wanted to help this family any less than my first family, but the entire time before the transfer I constantly thought, "what if I'm doing all of this for nothing, again?" After my transfer, and those long days of waiting for results, I continued with the medications.  At one point, I had a total breakdown.  When I originally set out on this journey I told myself I wasn't going to give up until I was successful.  However, after the realization of how hard this whole process was, I did not have it in me to continue if this transfer had failed.  Although I did dedicate myself to my IP's for 3 rounds, there was something inside of me that could not handle more disappointment.

Some of you, especially other surrogates, may be thinking that I am way overreacting to this whole medication issue, but what some don't realize is that I was on medication and injections since October!  I never gave myself a break between attempts, so for 6 months straight I put my body through it all.

So, all I can say is it's all over!

No more shots!  No more pills!!  No more suppositories!!!

I am all too thrilled that I was successful, times 3!!  All of my hard work and dedication paid off.  I can now say bye-bye to all of those needles and pills forever!!!



  1. Enjoy the rest of your poke free, push free, swallow free pregnancy! :) It is a nice place to be.

  2. I do not think you were overreacting about the meds!! I am actually amazed at how much more meds you seemed to be on than me...I am looking forward to the day I can throw all that stuff away. Almost there...