Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bye-Bye Belly!!

The reality of it is, my body will NEVER be the same!!

Yes, with every pregnancy comes stretch marks, loose skin, saggy boobs, and/or wide hips.  While new daddies get to sit back and enjoy their "perfect" bodies, women have no choice but to sacrifice their entire image in order to have a child/children.  I really despise those women who pop out a baby one day, and have no signs of pregnancy the following week.  Oh, what some of us would do to become so lucky.

I happened to walk away from a vaginal and a cesarean birth with manageable damage.  Yes, my hips widened with each pregnancy and I have small stretch marks on my belly and sides.  Even after all those months of breast feeding, my boobs remained larger than before my first pregnancy, which, in a way, is nice!!  I gained quite a bit of weight throughout both of the pregnancies, but was able to lose all but 10 pounds after I delivered.  Although I never got the courage to wear a bikini following the birth of Jack and then Max, I happily accepted my new body and tankinis!

Now that the shock of carrying triplets has settled (although, some days I still can't imagine how 3 are going to fit in there), I can't help but think about the long term effects on my body.  Being a surrogate isn't just going to end at delivery; for me, it's going to stay forever!  I can't help but research the internet about the effects multiples have after delivery.  Some of the photos people post are horrifying. 

I am nowhere near a vain person, but what people see on the outside really affects my inner beauty.

No one can tell me that I will look great after and have nothing to worry about.  My belly is going to stretch beyond it's maximum and there is no possible way it will be able to go back to normal.  Even the most fit person on earth can't improve the unwanted change, no matter how much they exercise.  Yes, I have the ability to lose all of the weight I will gain, but I will not be able to get rid of that extra loose skin that will remain...

I hate to think so negative, but I'd rather face the reality now than after the babies are born.  My future battle wounds are on my mind every single day and as I rub all of those expensive creams and lotions morning and night, I can't help but pray that I will be one of those rare lucky ones.

For some of you, this whole body change is not the end of the world, but I am only 26 years old and have years and years of bathing suit seasons ahead of me!!  Besides, my husband had nothing to do with the conception of these triplets, so why does he have to be punished?  Although he has told me time and time again that his love is unconditional, I think he deserves more than I can ever give him. 

Future tummy tuck?

Well, that will probably be the only solution.  I continuously read on other triplet mother's blogs about how much they avoided this medical procedure, but after years of dealing with the inevitable, they opted for the surgery.  Although left with a scar from hip to hip, it ultimately left them satisfied.  I guess all I can do is wait for the damage.  Until then, I'm going to let this belly grow to it's max and give these little girls all the room I can give them... just be nice to me in there ;)    

Oh, and if there are any overly generous plastic surgeons out there that are feeling charitable, I'm a great patient!!! 



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  1. After birthing 2 sets of twins, I'm SOOOOOOOOO gonna have a tummy tuck. Maybe we can email ELLEN together to be on the show and get free tummy tucks, LOL!