Friday, June 25, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Today I am 22 weeks!!!

I was really excited about reaching this week, because I can now start a countdown.  Most triplets are born between 30-34 weeks, averaging an expected delivery at 32 weeks.

10 more weeks to go...

For those of you who think that's a LONG time, don't participate in my countdown!  Thinking back, the first 10 weeks went by sooo fast.  I was still visiting the fertility clinic and had yet to pick a peri doctor.  So, before we know it, 10 weeks will come and go.  I'm sure I am a little more anxious than my IP's though.  They have a lot to prepare for and could use all the time they can get.  Going from no kids to 3 babies over night is going to be the most challenging thing in the world... I can't even imagine.  But, I'm cooking strong, healthy babies for them so hopefully there will be minimal problems when they arrive.

I had another ultrasound yesterday (every 2 weeks now) and the girls look AWESOME!!  The ultrasound techs get quite the challenge when they scan me, because they all are constantly moving and are never in the same position.  Finding out who is who takes a lot of patience, especially as they get bigger.

Here are the measurements of each baby, all weighing at least 1 pound!!

 This image is so cool... all 3 of their heads together. 

So, the babies couldn't look better and the doctors are pleasantly surprised.  I also had my cervix measured (every 2 weeks) and that was perfect... 4.8cm.  For those of you not familiar with a multiple pregnancy, cervical length is very important during the pregnancy.  Because there is so much weight and pressure going on, the cervix can really shorten, causing preterm labor.  Anything over 3cm is great, but the length can change so fast.  Mine has always been between 4-6, so I'm looking pretty good!!

So, how am I feeling?
Well, I was doing pretty good up until last week.  One day I just woke up and felt completely different.  I have never been more uncomfortable in my life!!  

The pressure of the babies is really starting to take effect and now walking the slightest makes my pelvis and inner thighs really cramp up.  

My feet are constantly sore and getting to look like huge marshmallows at the end of each day.  

Breathing is quite the challenge.  Even when I am laying down, I still feel as if I just ran a marathon!!  

I am ALWAYS hot!!!  My electricity bill is going to be out of this world this summer!! 

Shaving anything from the belly button down is almost impossible already... sorry husband and doctors!!

The girls decide to be most active when it's my only time to rest or sleep.

The list goes on, but I have to be thankful that I am free of any sort of bed rest and can continue being the best mommy I can.  

I am posting pics of me and my belly... this may be the only time you see a bare belly due to the expecting stretch marks that is ahead of me.  My big boys did a little bit of damage, so I'm not perfect!!

 As of today, only have gained 17 pounds!!

Here it is... my big, stretched, pale, basketball belly!!

 Be nice to me girls, or I'll have to limit your cupcake intake!!


  1. You look GREAT for 22 weeks with Triplets!
    And how cute to limit the girls' cupcake intake if they're not nice to you and your belly. lol

  2. you look adorable!! i love the photo of the three heads together. amazing!

  3. Ashley - you look wonderful! I am so sorry you have hit the 'totally uncomfortable not matter what I do' time, but you are doing a great job!!!