Friday, November 26, 2010

The BIG Visit!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  There was so much for me to be thankful for this year, especially for the 3 little girls I brought into this world just 2 1/2 months ago.  As promised, I have updates and photos of Eve, May, and Lily...

This past Sunday, I finally got to visit the triplets for the first time since they have been out of the hospital.  My IP's have decided to stay down here in Southern California through the first of the year to avoid any problems during RSV season.  So, as of right now, they aren't too far from me so it makes visiting very accessible!

My momma and sister tagged along.  I can't believe how much our families have grown together.  It is the greatest thing to not only be able to share this experience with my loved ones, but it is more amazing that they really want to be apart of the girls' lives and watch them grow.  I really see my IP's and the babies apart of my family now.  I am so fortunate to have formed such a fulfilling relationship.

We arrived just in time... girls were ready to eat!!  It was amazing how much they ate.  Huge improvement from when I saw them last.

My mom fed Baby May.  May was the smallest of the 3, but caught up to her sisters in no time!  She is keeping up and eating lots.  She is close to 9 pounds!! 

Cassie had her favorite, Lily!! She is still the chunkiest and her cheeks keep growing.  Lily is approaching 10 pounds!!


And I got to feed Baby Eve!! She still had those beautiful eyes that followed me everywhere.  She is almost as big as her chunky sister, Lily, almost 10 pounds!

After the girls ate, we only had a short visit before they had to go back down for a nap.  Their parents have them on a very strict schedule which is so unbelievable to me.  They are great parents to these girls already and are handling this overwhelming parenthood so well.  Putting 3 preemie babies on a schedule that actually has been successful is awesome.  I bet it makes sleeping so much easier.

I finally got to do what I have been dying to do since they were born... hold all 3 at once!!
This was the first time we have all been together since they were in my belly!!
What an AMAZING feeling!!

My mom loves these girls so much!!

So, how did it feel??  Well, words cannot describe how happy I was to be able to see them all home and healthy.  They are twice the size as when I saw them last and they have changed so much.  Holding all 3 at once, I could still not believe that I grew all of them inside of my belly.  How did they all fit??  Being able to see the girls in their new home and seeing their parents interact with them really made this whole journey mean more to me than I could ever imagined.  I really couldn't imagine life without this family of 5.  I am so blessed to have had such a fulfilling experience that I can share with the world.  Looking into each of their eyes, I am so much in love with Eve, May, and Lily.  As silly as it sounds, I really think they remember me and recognize my voice.  They were giving me this look like, "Hey, I know you!!"  

I am so glad I got to make this big visit and see how much these miracles have grown.  I really got mixed emotions after holding the girls.  I immediately got a feeling... I feel like I need to have another baby sooner than later or become a surrogate again.  I can't get it off of my mind, but whatever it is, I will make it wait until my body is ready!!  

Oh, and this body of mine... well, that definitely needs its own post, which will come very soon!! 

BTW, I just got an email from my IP's... Lily and Eve slept from 7:30pm-7:00am last night, and May woke up only once for a feeding!!!  I cannot believe it!  What amazing parents they have =) 


  1. Loved this update! The pictures are beautiful. I loved the special one of you holding all three girls! I look forward to moments like that of my own someday soon. It's amazing how their parents already have them on a schedule--props to them!! Their life will go much more smoothly and they will be so thankful!

  2. I am so excited for the new pictures and update. It really is nice having them so close. I get to see my first surro girlies every few months since they're only a few hours away (drive) and I love that. My friend hasn't seen her surro girlie since a week after she was born- she gets to see her next week, and she's almost 2!

    When they move back, if you all ever come up to visit them, let me know and I'll meet you in person! :)

    I can't believe they are such great sleepers. Hell, my kids didn't sleep that well until around a year! LOL

  3. I love the picture of you holding all three girls! One of my 'wishes' is to have a picture of all the children I have given birth to all at one time!

    Congrats again. Everyone sounds like they are adjusting very well!!!

  4. @ Heather: What a beautiful picture that would be!! I hope your wish comes true someday.