Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Triple Chunk Update!

Take a look at these girls!!  Wow!!  They are doing so well and definitely getting enough to eat =)  They all are sitting up by themselves and Lily is standing.  Time is just going by so fast.  I am so happy to get updates on my little surro girls.  Very happy.  Not sure what I would do if I was just left wondering. 

I hope to visit one more time before they move back home.  Now that flu season is over, I may bring my boys for a visit.  They have yet to meet the girls and I think it would be good for them to see first hand that the girls are loved and mommy just didn't leave them at the hospital this whole time =). 

Sitting up at 7 1/2 months old!!

Lily, Eve, and May (I think!!)

Go Lily!!!

Look at how cool this table is!!


  1. They are adorable! FYI, I just found out this week I am also having triplets...long story, but I would love to hear any advice you have to give. Email me at

  2. They are doing amazingly well. Love the table, bet that comes in handy.