Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Weight Loss Finishline....

Sooooo, I am almost at my deadline!!!  Much to my surprise, my personal trainer moved up my weight loss deadline by a month!  Yikes! 

Tuesday is the day and I am almost there.  So very close... just about 2 more pounds to go to reach 30 pounds in just 4 months!!  I started this journey in January, about 4 months after the girls were born. At that time, I pretty much lost all of my pregnancy weight.  I still wasn't satisfied and really wanted to feel on the outside like I did on the inside.  Looking in the mirror, that wasn't me.  Yes, everyone says that they didn't think I had that much weight to lose, but apparently I did!!  I never thought those stubborn pounds would ever come off.  Ever.  I always thought to myself, "This is how I am built.  This is what I am supposed to look like and it is impossible to lose the weight."  Especially after having triplets, and a total of 5 babies (3 pregnancies) in just 3 years, I thought my body was doomed!!!  It hurt feeling that.  I am so young and I have such young and beautiful friends.  All I wanted was to be myself and be the person I deserved to be.  Well, nothing was just going to happen over night and it wasn't just going to be given to me.  You've gotta give something to get something!!!! 

And so I put in the work.  Yes, I had my bad weeks where all I wanted to do was give up, eat a fricken' cheeseburger!!  I did allow my moments of cheating, but I always got right back up.  I feel absolutely awesome!!!  Although my kids are getting heavier, they feel lighter to me by the day.  I can run around with them for hours.  I can carrying them for as long as they need me to without feeling exhausted.  I fit in so many cute clothing... no more muffin top!!!  But, the downfall to losing this weight is the effect it has on my boobies!!!  Oh well, something had to give =)  We'll just make that purchase later on in life!!  But, it feels very nice not to be overflooded in my tops.  Maybe smaller boobies isn't so bad after all =)

I have a photo shoot for my trainer's new weight loss program launch, appealing to mommies, this Tuesday!!  I am soooo nervous.  Especially because I will be in front of the camera in a bikini!!!!  What am I thinking?!?!?  Looking back just 4 months ago, I never thought this would happen.  When we set my goal, I never saw it actually happening.  I laughed at her when she gave me my goal weight that she wanted me to reach.  I told her that she was crazy and I don't remember the last time I was this weight!!  I am proud to say that I proved myself so wrong!!!! 

Although I will be done training, I won't quit.  It is kinda addicting.  Heck, I may try for 10 more pounds!!  It is the best feeling setting a goal that seems near impossible and doing it.  Yay me!!!!

So, if I am brave enough, I will post those before and after pics when I get them!! 

Until then, I leave you with some pictures of me and my family on Easter/Passover.  I just LOVE my boys so entirely much.  And I love this husband of mine more than words can say.  They all make life just perfect and without them, I don't know where I would be. 


I'm so happy =)

Max and Jackson

Love his lips! He is so dramatic... wonder where he gets it =)

Best husband in the world and our baby, Max

Jack, the spitting image of his daddy

Me and Jackson

The loves of my life!!


  1. WOW!!! Congrats! You look amazing!!!!!! That was a lot of hard work and it's paid off! :) Your boys are adorable! :D

  2. Ashley, you look fan-tas-tic!!! Your little family is so cute too. Can't wait to see the before and after photos. You'll have to share some of your program and tips...I'm sure gonna' need them! =)

  3. Girl, you look amazing!!! I'm sooo super proud of you for sticking to it. You MUST post before and after pics to give us all hope!!! Keep it up!

  4. Wow, that's amazing!! Kudos to you!! And your oldest son does look just like your hubby! You have a beautiful family.