Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Memories...

My Christmas tree is full of ornaments, all with special meanings.  We are not the type to put up tons of bows and bulbs, so our tree may look bare to some people.  But, as our family and children grow, we will gradually add more ornaments.  We have cute ones hanging; a preggo girl with "2007" on the belly from when I was pregnant with Jackson during that Christmas, framed photos of the boys' first Christmas, a wedding cake with our date on it, family group with our names on hats for every year that our family grew, a school boy for Jack's first year of school, etc.  This year I added a very special one... 3 peas in a pod for my surro girls!!  They will always be apart of our family and they get to have their own special ornament on our tree every year =)


  1. It would be a wonderful way to symbolize that special part of that year (or couple years)!! Great idea, I think I might look into that as well!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that surro ornament!!! Where did you get it???

  3. I got it online from!! They have so many cute things on there and they customize anything for you so that you can have anything written on it.