Monday, July 12, 2010

24 weeks, 3 days, and a Little Bit of Bedrest!!

We have reached a very important milestone... 24 weeks!!  We have 3 viable baby girls and the chance of survival outside of the womb is highly likely.  Not that any of us want to have these babies any time soon, but the possibility is always there, so we have to look at the positives each and every week we reach.

Our 24 week appointment went amazingly well.  My IP's got to come into town for a visit and were there to support all 4 of us during that long ultrasound.  The girls are back to their "correct" positions, making it easier to determine who is who.  Baby A is weighing in at 1 lb 8 oz, Baby B is 1 lb 9 oz, and Baby C is 1 lb 11 oz!!  Wow... that's a lot of baby weight in this tummy of mine already.  They are all measuring between 24-25 weeks, which is awesome!!  My cervix is beyond perfect... measuring in at a whopping 4.3 cm!!  My uterus is measuring comparable to a 34 week singleton pregnancy; in another couple weeks, I will be full term (and huge!!).

Still smiling!!

Total weight gain= 22 pounds (I'll take it!!)

Ok... another bare belly shot (I'm so brave!)

The doctors and nurses cannot believe how well I am actually doing with this pregnancy.  The babies couldn't look better and my body couldn't be doing a better job.  The doctor had said a pretty funny thing at our appointment; "The most beautiful thing about you is your cervix!! You really were born to carry triplets."  Born to carry triplets??  Hmmm... I thought this was some sort of punishment from God!!  LOL!

At 24 weeks, carrying triplets, my doctor, more often than not, puts women on bed rest.  No matter her condition, it is just a precaution to force them to rest at this point in their pregnancy.  So, since I am doing better than expected, I got a get-out-of-jail-free card and was directed to modified bed rest.  Modify my bed rest, what exactly does that mean??  Well, basically I need to listen to my body more and my priority is to rest in bed, feet up.  I need to pick and chose my battles, limiting my activities.

This news seems to be perfect at this point.  I have been experiencing tons of contractions and am beyond uncomfortable.  The doctor assured us that these contractions are completely normal for a multiple pregnancy and I should prepare myself for them to get worse and more frequent.  They are not a sign of premature labor and will most likely not cause me to go into labor.  So, I just have to deal with the pain as best as I can for now.

Appointments are still every 2 weeks, but probably will increase in another few weeks.  I can't believe that we are almost there.  We will be 31 weeks at the end of August, so we can very easily say that I can have these babies next month!!!

Lastly, thank you all for your support and comments.  Although I have no idea who more than half of you are, I appreciate the feedback.  You have great advice and it helps me more than you know.


  1. Way to go!!! 24 weeks!!

    (HI! I'm Keri from SMO :)

  2. Beautiful Cervix? Yeah, I can see that about you :) I love it!

    Glad to see you're doing well and hanging in there! What you are doing is marvelous and I'm glad you are so good at keeping up with your blog.

  3. Nice job! ...and your cervix seems to be doing a BEAUTIFUL job too!

  4. yay!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work

  5. Oh yay for hitting another milestone!!! I think focusing on the next goal is a great way to approach this. Kudos to a smokin' hot cervix. :) haha

    (alsgurl04 from SMO)