Friday, July 30, 2010

27 Weeks... Getting Closer!!!

Today we are 27 weeks!!!  You know what that means... one more week until we have reached a huge milestone.  I can't believe that next week we can safely have these babies.  I know they will be cooking for a few more weeks, but ya never know.  If you have read an old post of mine, you should remember me telling you all that a friend of mine delivered her triplets at 28 weeks 1 day.  They are now about 7 weeks old, getting bigger, but still in the NICU.  They appear to be doing great and should be going home in the next few weeks.  Thinking about how she delivered at 28 weeks makes me so anxious and nervous at the same time.  It's almost D Day!!!!

27 weeks here... 25 pound weight gain so far!!

Life hasn't gotten any easier... surprised?!?

I feel my body screaming at me everyday saying, "What the hell is going on here??  I don't know how much more I can take... these babies are sucking the life out of us!!!"

Recently, I have had horrible ligament pain in my lower belly.  It isn't a constant pain, but every couple days the returning pain brings me to my knees!  I don't know what brings it on, but it is the worst temporary pain ever!!!  It only seems to last about 30 minutes or so and I have managed to breathe through it, but man does it hurt =(

I'm not sure what to do about my sleep, or lack there of.  Of course it is absolutely impossible to stay comfortable, or let alone get comfortable, for more than 3 minutes.  Laying on my side is killer!  Since the babies are already crammed so tight in there, laying on my side only makes room much smaller.  Immediately, they start digging and kicking (or should I say beating) my sides and ribs.  I do my best to position them around, but it sure is painful.  I attempt to sleep on my back, of course in a very upright position.  No matter how much I am upright, I can't breathe!!  They put way too much pressure on my lungs and spine that I think I might stop breathing!!  So, nighttime is a hassle.  I feel so bad for my husband, who occasional has to resort to the couch so that he can get enough rest for work.  I do try to take Tylenol PM, but most times the pain and discomfort is so bad that I still don't get enough rest and I am left with the lingering drug in me all morning, making me a walking zombie!!  I have learned to just accept the lack of sleep and take full advantage of naps, which my boys are great at!!

I also have had a really tough time eating.  I guess this is why gaining as much as you can in the first 2 trimesters is so important.  My stomach is in my belly somewhere, and probably is completely squished!!  It never seems to want to be filled up.  Every meal I seem to be forcing down and I so regret it after.  I feel miserable after I eat, no matter what it is or how big/small it is.  It makes me feel completely stuffed and miserably nauseous.  There's not much I can do.  I think the girls are taking what they need, leaving me with very little.  Guess in the long run that's good for me... less weight I will have to battle with after they are born!!  In the meantime, I guess I'll starve =( 

I've made it a priority to stay in bed or on the couch as much as I possibly can.  The boys have found great ways to entertain themselves when mommy is no fun.  As we speak, they took every single pillow and cushion off of the couch, jumping onto them, pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.  Hey, whatever entertains them meets my approval!!  Hopefully we just don't end up in the ER with a broken arm!!!

We did finish up Jackson's t-ball season and I managed to make it to every single practice and game except for one!!  I know I was worried that my health/bed rest was going to prevent me from seeing his first baseball season ever, but it didn't and I am so thankful for that!!

I have limited my activities tremendously and choose to go out occasionally, especially when I feel like I am about to go insane locked up!!  But going out sure does wear me out and I now know why my doctor wants me to rest as much as possible.  My husband and I took our oldest to the circus last weekend and I felt every effort I put into getting there and staying there!!  Let me just tell you how hard it is to simply take a shower, put makeup on, blow dry my hair, and get dressed.  By the end of that, I just want to lay down and die!!!  Getting in and out of the car makes my heart race.  Oh, and this heat!!  I guess I should be lucky that this summer hasn't been a HOT one, but anything over 75 outside makes me constantly sweat!!  Anyway, I made it out of the circus alive.  I felt it for the next 3 days... I had to climb a flight of stairs and my calves were killing me!!!  Ha Ha... I am soooo out of shape, it's hilarious!!

So, next week we have a big appointment.  Another LONG ultrasound.  We will see the size and weight of these girls... I wouldn't be surprised if they were almost 3 pounds each!!  The doctor is going to really start watching my fluid levels and make sure there is enough for the babies.  We are getting so close everyone and I am so excited!!  All we can do is take one day at a time and we will be in that delivery room before you know it.   

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