Saturday, July 24, 2010

26 Weeks...

We hit 26 weeks this past Friday!!  This week was another big one for us... we no longer have to worry about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  Baby A and Baby B (the set of identicals) continue to measure equally and by 26 weeks this isn't a worry anymore.

Our next goal... 28 weeks.  Most triplets born at this time survive.  This BIG milestone is coming up so fast and I am sure I will pass it with perfect health =)

I had a short, but very LONG appointment on Friday.  You never know what is going to happen when you visit the peri doctor.  They are very busy people!!  Let's just say, when I am this huge and uncomfortable I HATE waiting, especially an hour here and then an hour there just to be seen for a short amount of time.  Lately I have been completely impatient with everyone and everything, and I don't keep it inside!!  Anyway, they measured my cervix once again... still at an amazing 4.6cm!!  We checked the babies heart rates and positions... perfect!!  My uterus is measuring 38 weeks pregnant... almost full term and I am definitely feeling that.  I only gained 2 1/2 pounds since last visit... a little low, but as long as the babies are getting what they need I guess that is all that matters.

My doctor (who I have grown to absolutely LOVE... don't worry honey, he is a bit too old for me!), pressed the whole modified bed rest issue.  I guess he saw right through me that I have been taking advantage of my so-called freedom!!  Okay, okay, so I have had a busy month!!  With the holiday, Jackson's 3rd birthday bash, the end of t-ball season, my nanny catching bad pneumonia, I tried my very best to rest but not as much as I should have.  I promised him I would try much harder and limit my activities to a minimum.  Although I am doing fabulous, he doesn't want me to take advantage of that and, as a result, end up in hospital bed rest.  So, I will rest more... PROMISE!!!

I can't believe how close we are getting.  Oh, and to those of you who keep telling me that I have so much longer to go... SHUT UP!!!!  Let's see... I am 26 weeks along and the goal is to get to 32 weeks, my doctor said he would not let me go past 34 weeks.  Wow, we could have these babies anywhere from 2-8 weeks!!  This process has been so long for me, so a few weeks seems like nothing!! 

My IP's will be moving down here in a couple weeks, so that they do not miss anything.  I'm so happy that they are able to do this because I would hate for them to miss D-Day!!  It is really a relief to have a couple who really cares and are completely involved in the entire process.

So, next appointment is in 2 weeks.  This is a long one, checking all the measurements of each baby, toenails and everything!!  I also have my glucose screening... oh, do I hate waiting for these results.  Let's hope that is something I won't have to worry about... PLEASE!!

Anything can happen at any moment.  I'm just taking it day by day and soon enough we will get there!!

Pics of the growing belly will come next week... not feeling too pretty this week =(


  1. To get to 26 weeks with TRIPS and still be feeling 'good' (even if you are a bit grouchy - who wouldn't be?!?) is amazing. I know you did not want to carry triplets, but you are doing a great job!

  2. Ditto what Heather said!

    You are doing awesome! :)

    I would like to see a triplet belly!

  3. Not feeling pretty? Cut out your face . . . . we need to see BELLY!!! LOL

    Glad you're doing well. Modified Bedrest is so hard with little ones . . . I'm sure you're doing your best. You're in the 7th inning stretch . . . almost there!