Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day in Labor & Delivery

So, yesterday was a very eventful day!!  I think I gave everyone a BIG scare, but I am happy to say the buns are still in the oven and we are all back at home.

It all started after my morning hair appointment.  During those relaxing 2 hours, I went to the bathroom a few times and a few more times in the first hour I got home.  Although I was emptying my bladder, my undies kept becoming completely wet, soaking through my jean shorts!!  After going through a couple pairs, I called my nurse to see what to do.  It could have been a number of things, and I wanted to be sure of what it was.  Of course, my doctor advised me to come in.

Early on in my visit they did lots of tests to see what was going on.  It all was quite uncomfortable, having all sorts of doctors, nurses, and students going in and out down south!!  They finally determined that the leaking was not amniotic fluid.  That was a great sign.  They then began to monitor my contractions...

At first it appeared that I had an "irritable uterus" that could have been from dehydration.  So, they loaded me up with tons of water, however, the contractions got worse and more frequent.  For hours I was contracting every 2-4 minutes, and they weren't small ones either.  Over and over again, I was asked, "Can you feel them?"  Of course I could feel them!!  "Are they painful?"  It wasn't so much painful as it was uncomfortable, but then again I handle pain amazingly well... shoot, I pushed out a 10 1/2 pound baby without making a sound!!!

So, I waited there to see what the contractions were going to do.  I got some medication to try and stop them.  It seemed to do the trick for a little while, but they just returned.  There was another, stronger medication (I'm so bad with remembering the medical terms) that they wanted to try.  However, due to my unexplained high heart rate they could not give it a try.

Why has my heart rate been extremely high throughout this whole pregnancy?  Is it because of the pregnancy or do I experience this when I am not pregnant as well?  When I was at complete rest, my heart rate was over 130?!?  I had the same issue when I was admitted in the hospital for pneumonia at 16 weeks.  It just never seems to go down and sometimes gets dangerously high.  Doctors say that is a concern that should definitely be checked out after this pregnancy.  Hopefully everything is okay in that area.

My cervix was checked a first time... closed!!  After waiting for hours, and after an evening staff change, it was just my luck that my next doctor was one of the hottest OB doctors you will ever see!!!  Where was my single, sexy, older sister when I needed her there the most?!?!  That "check" was definitely an awkward one and it would be just my luck that I wasn't prepared for this surprise visit and who knows what down south looked like lately!!  Way to make a situation even more uncomfortable!!

Anyway, at the end of the night all we could conclude was that I was having continuous, strong contractions that weren't causing cervical change.  There isn't any other signs of labor and the babies seem to be fine.   Although the contractions never stopped, I got to come home.  As long as they are manageable for me and I am not in severe pain, I will monitor them at home and return to the hospital if anything worsens.  

We are so close to being done, 28 weeks on Friday!!  My IP's are making their big move down here today, so they shouldn't miss any more surprises!!  So, bring on the pain uterus!!  And ladies... please don't make me miserable for too much longer!!  I think my sanity is about to go next =)

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