Saturday, August 7, 2010

28 Weeks!!!!

Yay!!!!  We made it to 28 weeks!!! 

One of the biggest milestones.  Most triplets born at this point will survive, with only a 15% chance of having long term health problems.  We get our bronze medal for this big achievement... 30 weeks is the silver, 32 weeks is the GOLD!!!  

After being in Labor and Delivery on Tuesday, my doctor called on Thursday to tell me to return.  He was very concerned with my continuous rapid heart rate and needed to run tests as soon as possible.  I left for the hospital in the morning and didn't return home until early evening.  Yes, it is normal for a pregnant woman, especially one carrying triplets, to have somewhat of an elevated heart rate, but a resting heart rate over 130 causes major concerns.  The doctors performed an EKG and blood work.  It all came back normal, just elevated.  While I was there, we monitored contractions which never seemed to stop.  They got pretty strong, every few minutes.  Again, no cervical change and my cervix was measuring over 3cm.  So, I was released, once again, and put on STRICT BED REST!!!

We then went back for a routine visit on Friday (yesterday).  So many visits!!!  I'm really starting to miss my family =(.  Anyway, we had a somewhat lengthy ultrasound to measure the girls.  I can't believe how close they are in size.  Baby A is 2lb 10oz, Baby B is 2lb 11oz, and Baby C is 2lb 10oz!!!  Wow, they are almost 3 pounds each... that is a lot of weight for me to be carrying around. 

I am officially measuring full term.  My uterus is stretched to 40 weeks and is wondering why we are still at this!  So, if any of you wonder what it is like to be 9 months pregnant + some, don't ask... it's horrible!! 

I only gained one pound since last visit.  That's a total of 26 pounds so far!!  With my first baby, only one, I gained 50 pounds!  Oh, I like the sounds of that.  Hopefully the weight will just shed off after delivery and my biggest fears will be overcome!! 

The doctor has no idea when we are expected to deliver.  He is not scheduling a c-section just yet, because we can go anytime between now and a few weeks.  Although this bed rest thing absolutely sucks and could not come at a worse time, I just have to be thankful I am staying out of the hospital.  The pain of these contractions can really hit sometimes and the pressure down south is getting to become unbearable.  But, I just have to monitor it all and go in whenever I sense a change. 

I don't think I can feel any worse!!  Okay, maybe I can =)  Doctor now has me on prenatal vitamins, folic acid, iron supplements, Zofran, and Ambien.  But, with the contractions, pressure, nausea, insomnia, back pain, hot flashes, and more, I don't know how much longer I can go on!!  I know I really don't have a choice, but I think my mind is going absolutely INSANE!!!!  My patience has been lost long ago and I really feel as if something has taken over my entire freedom and will never let me go!! 

I always told myself that I could not wait to reach 28 weeks, then I would know the end is near and I could handle the rest.  So, I gotta keep telling myself how close we really are.

Awwww... as I am writing this post, my husband just brought me in flowers (and late for work)!!  He really does LOVE me and is the best ever ♥♥♥!!

I think it is only natural and expected for me (the one going through all of this pain and torture) to have my days where I just scream and yell and beg for these babies to come.  Although in my heart I want them to cook as long as possible, some days I feel that there isn't anything I want more than for them to be delivered.  As a result, I need nothing more than encouragement right now.  I don't want to listen to any more negative comments from people (yes, you know who you are)!!  It really doesn't help telling me how much YOU can't wait for this to be over... REALLY?!?  If it's because you are tired of hearing my complaining, then roll on out and don't listen to me for the next couple weeks.  If it's because you hate seeing me in this pain, then why don't you tell me how proud you are of me rather than telling me how crazy I am for choosing to do this!!  Just remember people... I have 3 lives inside of me.  Three lives that I grew and kept healthy.  Three lives that I will be able to give to an amazing couple.  I MADE A FAMILY!!!!!  Now, can you say you have EVER done anything as great as that???  I highly doubt it, so please stop contributing to my depression and have a heart... support me!!!

So, no babies just yet.  We have another appointment on the 17th, unless something else happens until then.  I will keep updating on anything new, but in the mean time, it's rest for me!!!


  1. You are doing such a great job and Good for you for calling out the "Debbie Downers" . . . you are 100% correct what you need know is moral and physical support, not negative comments!

    Congrats on your Bronze Star!!!! You are doing so great and as much as Strict Bed rest sucks (I can't even imagine) at least you're home still, right? And sure you may see your little men doing things they wouldn't usually do because you can't chase them, but you can see their faces (no matter if that smile is because they love you or know they're about to do something they aren't supposed to do) . . . . :)

    Come on Silver Star! (After that . . . Gold Star!) :)

  2. You are amazing!! I look forward to new posts from you! I am so proud of you for getting to the Bronze (lets just hope for silver or even gold for the babies sake only)! Dont listen to those "downers", they are just selfish and they dont realize what you are doing. Like you said, can they say that they helped in making a family! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!

  3. You are doing something AMAZING! Go away haters!

    Yay for the bronze medal! Looking forward to watch you make it to 30 weeks!

  4. Congratulations on making it 28 weeks. You didn't sign up for triplets (who would?) but you're managing magnificently.

  5. I think it's great that you describe the whole process and how you really feel, physically and emotionally. I think it's interesting to know how it truly feels to carry triplets and I think this can be very helpful to any other surrogates or mothers that may be carrying triplets themselves. Keep up the good work!

  6. You are amazingly inspiring!! I love that you share every part of your journey, good, bad, humorous, heartfelt, etc.

    Congratulations on this milestone and bless you for giving those babies another day to grow strong, even when it pushes your body to its limits! What an amazing feeling you will have when you are able to create that instant family and say, "I did it!"

    You're nearing the end of your marathon and like you said, you've already "won!" Anything on top of that just makes it better and better!