Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medical Update... Little Scare

As promised, an update from our doctor visit today...

Today we are 29 weeks and 4 days... I can just see that 30 week milestone!!  Our visit at the doctors office was supposed to be a short one, but as many of you know, OB appointments are NEVER short!!  After waiting a good hour to be seen, the ultrasound tech checked for heartbeats (all perfect) and did a cervical length check.  Immediately after she was finished, before I even got my pants back on, the nurse rushed in and had said that our doctor saw that my cervix had changed dramatically and I needed to be checked as soon as possible.  What was the rush??  To me, everything looked okay.

So, I go back to an exam room, my mom with me and my IP's outside waiting, not knowing what was going on.  My doctor comes in, answers some questions, and then tells me that I would be admitted today for the remainder of this pregnancy.  WHAT???  I broke down and cried my eyes out... not expecting to hear this today.  Yes, I know this could have happened at any moment, but I guess I never fully prepared for it.  He had told me that my cervix had significantly shortened and that it was about 1 cm long.  Last time it was checked, it was pretty close to 4 cm.  After a lengthy conversation, with many more tears, he went to get the nurse so he could perform a vaginal exam to see if any dilation took place...

WHAT A JERK (okay, not really because I LOVE my doctor), but my ultrasound images were mixed up with another patient!!!  As soon as he returned, he apologized that they had mixed up my cervical results with another triplet mom that was there for the same procedure at the same time.  It wasn't my cervix that was that short, it was hers!!  I'm so glad my IP's weren't in the room to experience all that happened in such a short time; I think they would have panicked even more!!  That was definitely a very bad "mix-up".  I was put through that devastation for nothing... okay, maybe not for nothing because it got me mentally prepared for the next time I would hear that I would be admitted.

My cervix ultimately measured about a 3, which has shrunk a bit.  He did proceed to check me and I am dilated to about 1 cm.  The doctor made me promise to stay on VERY strict bed rest and he would let me stay home for another week.  THANK GOD!!!  Anything can happen at any time, especially since I am dilated and having consistent contractions.  Our goal is to get to 32 weeks, and anything after that is just a gamble.  So, I can do this, right??

In a way, this little scare was a good thing for me.  I'm lucky that it was a false alarm, but it allowed me to realize that I could be away from home at any moment.  I really am going to focus on mentally preparing myself for the worse, and if I have to be admitted I know I did whatever I could to get to this point.  I have done amazingly well so far and being admitted to the hospital is just expected at some point in this pregnancy.  I have to be blessed with every day that I get to be home because things could always be worse.  That doesn't mean I am going to be less devastated about possibly missing Jackson's first day of school, but I'm trying my very best to accept it... there is nothing that I can do but pray.

So, we have another appointment scheduled in exactly a week (weekly visits are a must now).  If I am dilated any more, a 2 or 3, then I will be admitted.  However, there are women out there who can be dilated at a one for months before anything changes, so let's keep our fingers crossed.  I would love nothing more than to be one of those Super Preggo Triplet Moms who stays out of the hospital up until the day she delivers =)

On a side note, I know a lot of you were concerned about my last post.  I find this blog to be very therapeutic for me and I am glad I am able to share my feelings and emotions.  I thank many of you for your support and words of encouragement.  I definitely have my bad days, but I am doing my best to be as happy as I can in my current situation.  I did speak with a child behavioral specialist today, which was extremely helpful for me.  I got some great advice about my entire situation as a surrogate and how it is interfering with Jack and Max.  So, my outlook is gradually getting better on my role as mommy and I'm trying to not let the stress get to me.  She had wonderful advice and I am going to take that advice and apply it as best as I can.

Again, thank you to everyone who has been a huge support, stranger or friend.  I'm glad everyone is cheering for me. 

Guess what... only a few more weeks!!!



  1. Almost there! I am so glad to hear that it was just a 'mix up'. And I can understand how it was a 'good thing'. Love reading your updates.

  2. Golly! What a mix-up! Pay attention people!!

    I'm one of those women who dilates early but carries past 40 weeks. I'm usually 1cm long and 1cm dilated for about the last 6-8 weeks. So even though you're shortening and dilating, it doesn't necessarily mean that delivery is imminent.