Friday, August 20, 2010


And the silver medal goes to.... ME!!!  We are 30 weeks today and only 2 more weeks until we reach the GOLD!!!  32 weeks is the last goal; 90% of triplets are born by this day, so I have a good feeling we will make it. 

After that little scare with the doctor, I am doing all that I can to stay on bed rest.  My question is, how are you expected to be in bed as much as possible when you have to pee every 5 minutes?!?  It's not like I am drinking gallons of water, just my usual, but I have never gone potty so much in my life!!

Showers have also become quite the marathon for me.  I do love my long and steaming hot showers, but it is such a hassle!!  After 5 minutes, I feel like I am about to pass out.  I try to stay clean and my hair somewhat decent just in case I go into the hospital at any moment, but man is it becoming the challenge.  Baths are almost out of the question... it is nearly impossible to get my huge body in and out without contracting for the following 3 hours.  Geez, I just want to be clean!!!

I think the boys are starting to forget how things used to be and I can't wait to show them what a great mommy I was just a few months back.  Although they are getting very good at entertaining themselves now, they need to be kids again and enjoy all the things that we used to.  Now that I am on strict STRICT bed rest, the couple hours here and there where no one is available to help with them is becoming easier.  I can't expect the world to drop everything all day everyday, so the boys have been excellent when it is just the 3 of us, or should I say 6??  I LOVE them to death!!  They haven't given up on mommy yet.  I owe so much to them when this is over.

I am glad I am not able to go anywhere because clothes do not fit!!  My maternity shirts are so tight and barely cover the whole belly.  My boobs are getting ginormous and it is completely painful to wear bras.  I have resorted to wearing my husband's sweat pants, a very stretchy sports bra, and whatever tank that doesn't make me sweat.  Thank goodness no one has to see me like this... I hate being this sloppy looking, even if my only visitor is the UPS man!! 

30 weeks... 29 pounds gained so far!!

New stretch marks are on it's way... yes, I do not have a perfect belly, but much to my surprise it isn't as bad as I thought!!  I was expecting HUGE thick marks months ago, but I have been very blessed.  Yes, I do have some old ones from my gigantic babies before, but new ones are only in the making and if I'm lucky, I will deliver before too much damage is done.  As for that tummy tuck... I'll still take it!!

This waiting game just really sucks and I wish I could tell people when D-Day was.  Everyone keeps asking me when the big day is... here is my answer for the millionth time, ANYTIME!!!  I wish I knew so that I could have a nice countdown, but the reality is that these babies could come today or in the next 4 weeks.  Who knows!?!?!

So, here's to another day at home and out of the hospital.  I have reached my personal goal of 30 weeks.  Now, another 2 weeks... let's hope the time flies by!!!  Routine visit on Tuesday again... so another update in a few days (hopefully from MY bed)!!  


  1. You're doing so great!!! As for the tanks- I'm loving the Bee Maternity layer tanks from Target. They stretch forever . . . and I got an XL to make sure of it! LOL Hell, I figure even after I give birth I'll still have some loose skin to cover for awhile, so I'll wear them then too!

    Here's to at least 2 more weeks!!! You can do it!

  2. Yay for 30 weeks! I can't believe how great your belly looks and how WONDERFUL you're doing with your weight! I gained 40+ pounds with each of my singleton pregnancies, and though I lost the weight each time I worry that as I get older it will be more difficult. What is your diet like?

    It's funny to me (ridiculous actually) that people ask when D-Day is, unless they mean your due date? Obviously with triplets you could pop any day.

  3. I agree! You look Great! For triplets, you're skin and your weight gain is awesome!
    Here's to 2 more weeks!