Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YAY... I'm Still Home!!!!

A quick little update... it's late, I'm tired, and there is a nice slice of tuxedo cheesecake waiting in my kitchen!!

I had a weekly routine visit today.  You know last week was a HUGE scare for me so I had no idea what today was going to bring.  I prepared myself for the worst though... my house was clean, laundry done (thank you, Cameron), bills paid, boys' schedule (in detail) posted up, and so much more little things I wouldn't have to worry about if I were admitted.  Although, I did not bring a hospital bag with me to my appointment because I think that is bad luck!!

I first had a quick cervical length check with my favorite ultrasound tech.  I wasn't too sure of what to think of it when I saw it.  The length, to me and my mom, still looked pretty decent, but it really looked as if the cervix had opened a significant amount compared to last week.  Of course, the ultrasound tech didn't give me any answers and just smiled as she walked out the door as I asked if the doctor was going to make me stay...

My IP's came back with the doctor.  He said he was pleased and was convinced that I took bed rest very serious this past week.  I think that the false scare that happened at my last appointment was a huge reality check and I have rested so much more!!!  My cervix is still in the low 3 cm range, with pressure it is in the 2's.  So, it has shortened just a bit but as long as I'm RESTING I can stay home!!!  It did appear to him on the ultrasound that I may have lost my mucus plug (I know, horrible medical term), but I don't recall that taking place.  So, I'll be on the lookout!!  The doctor did not do a vaginal exam to check for dilation because the more that happens the more it upsets the uterus.  So, now I just have to be the judge... monitor contractions, pressure, leaking fluid, and most importantly, STAY IN BED!!!

Other than the normal complaints and discomforts, I just had to get sick over the weekend.  I have had the worst cough and sore throat.  Like many of you know, coughing and being very pregnant is not a good combination!!!  I did go to urgent care and am on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, so I'm hoping for just a few more days of this.

Also, I can now say that I have swelled up!!  Yesterday was the first sight of balloon feet and I could not find my ankles!!  It isn't as bad as I know it can get, but it sure isn't pretty.  I know I am taking on a lot of water weight... I gained 5 pounds this past week and I hardly eat!!!  Wow, that's 34 pounds gained so far =(

Anyway, I guess that was a longer update than I thought and I really NEED my dessert now =)  We are 31 weeks this Friday and are just about there to 32 weeks!!!  We have another appointment in a week (babies will be measured in detail), so let's hope I make it!!


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way...the finish line is with in reach! Good luck!

  2. Keep it up and you will finish strong!!

  3. Mommy of your husband: you are doing great and we are very proud of you and all you have done:>

  4. Great Job!!! I showed you my swelling picture, I think you need to post yours :) You know, so people really get it :)

    Keep up the great rest!